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Farfacia is a biological skincare line launched by Nataliia Lysenko, a Ukranian-born female founder, who had a strong desire to create a teenage-focused skincare brand. This 11-18 year old adolescent age group is especially important when the active restructuring of the hormonal background negatively affects the condition of the skin.

The beauty industry is my lifetime focus. I am a dedicated expert who combines the unique experience of practical cosmetology and beauty marketing with business development. Due to the lack of teenage-focused skincare products, launching Farfacia in 2020 became my focus to ensure teenagers could boost self-confidence through a simple daily 5-step skincare process.”

Nataliia has a 16 year background in pharmacology and cosmetology. The origin of the company name combines three Italian words meaning “butterfly”, “rebirth” and “trust”.

Farfacia brand: the history of the creation of the first line of professional teenage cosmetics in Ukraine

Hello, my name is Natalia Lysenko, I am the Ukranian-born founder of the Farfacia brand. I have a Doctorate in Pharmacology, and a practicing cosmetologist for over 16 years. Beauty is my life’s work. In 2016, I opened a network of beauty salons in Kyiv, Ukraine which quickly gained a strong reputation.

As my daughter matured, I developed the idea of creating a skincare line solely focused on adolescents. Faced with the difficulty of choosing biological cosmetics for my own daughter, I knew I could not trust anyone but myself.

After developing my own formula, in 2020 Farfacia was launched. My daughter became not only my ideological inspirer, but also an active user. Through my 5-step process, users can see results within 2 weeks. Developing self-confidence in their appearance as they see their reflection in the mirror is a strong aim of creating this teenage-focused brand.

Why choose biological cosmetics for teenagers Farfacia

As you know, adolescence is a turning point in life. It is at this stage that self-esteem and self-worth is formed, which further affects the acceptance of oneself in society. Skin problems that often occur in teenagers can lead to self-doubt. The result of this is a negative attitude towards one’s own body and rejection of ones’ inner belief. Farfacia professional skincare helps teens love themselves and gain a healthy self-esteem.
Farfacia’s goal is to convey the importance through an affordable, easy, 5-step process of home skin care to restore self-confidence in teenagers.

Why you should become a Farfacia partner

Farfacia biological skincare cosmetics is a confident step towards beauty and self-esteem. Not only our private clients, but also beauty consultants, cosmetology clinics and beauty clinics validated its effectiveness. The owners of these establishments preferred Farfacia products when recommending products to their clients. It has been proven that the combination of cosmetic procedures with the care products of this brand can improve the final result.
If you are the owner of any establishment that is directly related to the beauty industry, then we invite you to become a Farfacia partner. Cooperation with us is based on mutually beneficial conditions. By joining the company, you can not only recommend quality products to your customers, but also receive a certain percentage of sales. In order to become a Farfacia partner, you only need to fill out an application form and wait for a response.

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